“I think it’s important to always be confident in yourself and your beliefs.”

Happy 18th Birthday Zendaya! (September 1, 1996)

hi guys! some of you may already know I was searching for a co-owner to help me with my blog during this school year (which is the last for me) and I won’t be able to go online often so I’m just letting you know that selmge (dani) will be helping me updating this blog :)
I hope you understand and will show some love to dani because she’s truly awesome 💞 thank you for paying attention. I will miss you guys A LOT!!!! xo - Alla

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get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite tv shows → teen wolf

Life goal: Selena Gomez

I just found out that I can’t do the thing I reblogged earlier because I don’t have these “bold” things on my ipad

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message me 3 celebrities and ill do this


(celebrity name) like | dislike | hate 

(celebrity name) like | dislike | hate 

(celebrity name) like | dislike | hate 

url: don’t get it | stupid | i like it | i love it | flawless | i want it

icon: blurry | wouldnt use it | change it | omg its perfect | definitely stealing

posts: dont want it on my dash | flawless | i reblog u all the time

sidebar: u dont have one | ugh | cute | love it | can i use it when ur done 

do i follow you: yes | now i do | no sorry

do i like your blog: its ok | duh | u run a flawless blog | ur blog is perfect

overall: /5