OKAY. so lets forget/ignore how ugly as fuck that “edit” looks (is that even an edit? i just put text omf) and lets get down to it. Ive been on tumblr for 2 years but i only started using it properly back in janurary of this year. i cant tell you how many amazing people ive become friends with throughout my 7 (proper) months of being on tumblr. Ive become friends with so many incredibly amazing and beautiful people and i cant thank you guys enough. i follow over 800 amazing blogs that fill my dash with amazing edits and posts and sometimes even your beautiful faces. If you’re reading this and you’ve in ANY way talked to me, defended me, helped me, or have just been there for me i want to thank you so so much. If it werent for some of you i’d have left tumblr a long time ago. But enough of the sappy teary stuff, lets get down to it shall we? The blogs in bold are some of my faves. if ur on here consider yourself the love of my life and if u got none that doesnt mean u arent my fave cause if ur mentioned it means ily and ur blog. p.s if i forgot you i completely aplogize because i suck at remembering urls and its hard to put all 800 blogs in a follow forever so feel free to come and tell me and ill add you.




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Thank you so much to all of you. every one of you in this follow forever means a lot to me even if we have never talked before. if i missed someone dont be ashamed to come to my ask box and tell me! i did this really quickly so im sure i may have missed some of u by accident (and its 5am so) Love you al!!!

"I want this to be OVER!"

Selena Gomez out on a jet ski in St. Tropez, France on July 22, 2014


July 23 |     5392

@CandiceAccola: @julieplec has threatened 2 kill me off the show unless all of U tweet #sexywesley 


Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena! (July 22nd, 1992) ♥

Cancer » The Cancerian woman; is sensitive - very sensitive - but not only to her needs, but to the needs of others. She’s generous towards everyone, and she hardly expects anything in return for her faithfulness. A Cancerian woman is creative, beautiful, spontaneous, confident and caring. She likes to mother everyone around her and is a smart, loyal and loving friend.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena! (July 22, 1992)